Using Vitamins & Supplements to HEAL

A major component to my integrative and holistic treatment plans is the use of very specific vitamins and supplements.  I recommend and prescribe certain vitamins or supplements b/c I have identified deficiencies or symptoms that can be improved with use.  A major example is vitamin D; it’s estimated that up to 80% of Americans may have a significant lack of Vitamin D intake.  Vitamin D is the foundational ingredient to our hormones; when Vitamin D levels fall, our bodies cannot function properly; when this deficiency is prolonged, many health conditions can result. 

Data recently published indicates that nearly all chronic diseases are associated with a vitamin D level LOWER than 60 ng/mL. The typically recognized “normal” range is 30 – 100 ng/mL; you can see that a level greater than 60 is more likely to help our bodies function more effectively and more balanced than if the blood level of D drops below 60 ng/mL. 

While it’s essential to consume Vit D as prescribed, keep in mind that the weekly PRESCRIPTION D2 is NOT absorbed and rarely ever shows an increase to Vit D blood levels.  I never prescribe D2.  I only prescribe the OTC Vitamin D3.  Co-factors are required for D’s absorption and use; without Vitamin D2, iodine, magnesium and adequate fat intake – ALL AT THE SAME MOMENT IN TIME,  the D will not be absorbed or used effectively.  For more details about Vit D, see my blog article, ”What is Vit D and Why do I Need it?”

SPECIAL NOTE: please note that vitamin K is NOT potassium — totally differenct nutrients!!

Vit D must be taken at the same time as magnesium, K2, and fatty food

One last tip I’d like to leave with you:  always KNOW exactly WHY you’re taking a vitamin/supplement.  If you’re not sure why, you probably don’t need it.  On the other hand, if we have reviewed your lab results and identified nutritional deficiencies, it is vital that we correct these as soon as possible; many of these deficiencies take many months to correct so the sooner we start, the better you feel.  If we are trying to conquer chronic disease, we must use ALL the tools at our disposal; medications were NEVER designed to heal the body.  Nutrients ARE. 

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